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Processor Independent Embedded Platform.

A revolutionary approach to embedded development that offers customized embedded hardware without the custom price.


Simply put, E3 Embedded Systems designs and builds embedded development solutions… but, what our platform offers is much bigger.  In fact, our new embedded platform is a game-changer.  The Processor Independent Embedded Platform (PIEP) helps creative people design, test and integrate their embedded solutions into field ready systems.


Key Features:


• Supports three processor families: ARM, Freescale, and PIC (with more coming soon).

• Removable processor card. Change architectures by simply replacing the processor card.

• Twelve (6 top / 6 bottom) Stackable Peripheral Interface Ports (SPIP) supports up to 36 peripheral cards.

• Space saving design with a 4x4 overall footprint.

• Peripheral remote mount kit permits off-board installation of peripheral devices.



Posted by Chad DeMeyers on 5/1/2018

Koliada will attend IOT World May 14 - 17 at the Santa Clara Convention Center.  Come visit Guy and have him demonstrate KoliadaES running on E3 hardware... you will find him and the E3 mini-stack at the Mesh Candy booth (905).  Ask him about building a field ready embedded app in 10 minutes.


Posted by Chad DeMeyers on 1/25/2018

The Patent Pending PIEP is now the PATENT GRANTED PIEP.  Title = METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR THE PROCESSOR INDEPENDENT EMBEDDED PLATFORM.  Congratulations to Kevin Huffman for this amazing accomplishment!



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