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Simply put, E3 Embedded Systems designs and builds embedded development solutions… but, what our platform offers is much bigger.  In fact, our new embedded platform is a game-changer.  The Processor Independent Embedded Platform (PIEP) helps creative people design, test and integrate their embedded solutions into field ready systems.


Key Features:


• Supports three processor families: ARM, Freescale, and PIC (with more coming soon).

• Removable processor card. Change architectures by simply replacing the processor card.

• Twelve (6 top / 6 bottom) Stackable Peripheral Interface Ports (SPIP) supports up to 36 peripheral cards.

• Space saving design with a 4x4 overall footprint.

• Peripheral remote mount kit permits off-board installation of peripheral devices.



Posted by Chad DeMeyers on 8/21/2014

Our Kickstarter campaign now has an AVR Basic Kit that includes the 4x4 motherboard, An AVR (ATMegaX) Processor board and three peripherals - USB, Breakout and Switch/LED Boards.


Posted by Chad DeMeyers on 8/21/2014

Today Charles with published a phenomenal article on E3 and the PIEP. Check it out!


Posted by Chad DeMeyers on 8/15/2014

This is it! The PIEP is live on Kickstarter! Help us fund this revolutionary embedded development platform. Go to kickstarter

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