Posted by Chad DeMeyers on 2/13/2015

We are happy to announce a Partnership with Koliada. We are combining the PIEP with very unique software, KoliadaES... modular hardware, meet modular software. Read more.


Posted by Chad DeMeyers on 8/21/2014

Stretch Goals have been added to the Kickstarter campaign. Take a look and see what's to come from E3 Embedded.


Posted by Chad DeMeyers on 8/21/2014

Our Kickstarter campaign now has an AVR Basic Kit that includes the 4x4 motherboard, An AVR (ATMegaX) Processor board and three peripherals - USB, Breakout and Switch/LED Boards.


Posted by Chad DeMeyers on 8/21/2014

Today Charles with published a phenomenal article on E3 and the PIEP. Check it out!


Posted by Chad DeMeyers on 8/18/2014

Our Kickstarter campaign needed a boost and we just got one. This was in my inbox today. Please watch the video and view the campaign!


Posted by Chad DeMeyers on 8/15/2014

This is it! The PIEP is live on Kickstarter! Help us fund this revolutionary embedded development platform. Go to kickstarter


Posted by Chad DeMeyers on 8/13/2014

Electronic Weekly is asking if "Is this [PIEP] the best dev kit you've ever seen?" Find out why we can help your frustration. Read more.


Posted by Chad DeMeyers on 8/12/2014

Charles Gantt  of the Makers Workbench is telling everyone "Brace Yourselves, Processor Independence Is Coming!" We agree! Read the first of his articles about PIEP and stay tuned for a full review after we launch the Kickstarter.


Posted by Chad DeMeyers on 8/12/2014

E3 attended the Augusta Business Conference - met a number of people from the Augusta Chronicle and from Buzz On Bizz - John Kane with the Chronicle gave me some great advice and we may do a radio segment with the Buzz On Biz guys.


Posted by Chad DeMeyers on 8/11/2014

The word is spreading. Bill Wong with Electronic Design published an article about E3 and the PIEP! Thousands of people follow Bill and some of them already creating their own posts based on his. Read the article here.


Posted by Chad DeMeyers on 8/06/2014

Today we attended a session at The Clubhouse for Startup Day Across America (SDAA). Congressman Barrow attended and I presented, along with 5 or 6 other startups. After the presentations, we had a round-table (minus the table) with Congressman Barrow.  Read more on SDAA.


Posted by Chad DeMeyers on 6/08/2014

E3 Embedded Systems and The  are mentioned in this Augusta Chronicle article.  The article features a new acquaintance ours... Dylan Mckerchie. Dylan has his own startup building custom guitars (among other endeavors).  Rock stars get all the attention...


Posted by Chad DeMeyers on 5/31/2014

E3 Embedded Systems participated in and co-sponsored Supper Happy Augusta Block Party.  The event was aligned with the National Day of Civic Hacking.  Check out the website and video.




















Posted by Chad DeMeyers on 5/15/2014

I started the KickStarter campaign.  Kevin and I plan to work on it slowly over  the next few months.  Right now we think we will launch the KickStarter campaign in early to mid August.


Posted by Chad DeMeyers on 3/15/2014

Kevin started assembling the Ten-Build kits.  What is a kit?  Only everything we plan to offer.  We will give away these 10 kits to people and groups in our target markets in exchange for feedback.  Three of the 10 are going to members of The


Posted by Chad DeMeyers on 11/22/2013

I'm planning to volunteer tomorrow at the Clubhouse (  They received several dozen laptops from a donor (or donors) that need to be inventoried and checked.  Not looking forward to Windows updates, driver upgrades and anti-spam/malware installations - but it is for a good cause.


Posted by Chad DeMeyers on 11/15/2013

Kevin and I met with Bill Hamilton this week.  He is an entrepreneur that co-founded Reach Health (  We discussed the E3 business plan over a good burger.


Posted by Kevin Huffman on 10/20/2013

The ARM processor board is going through final testing.


Posted by Admin on 10/21/2013

Welcome to our new site. It's still under construction so disregard anything weird. We're actively getting new content so stay tuned for exciting new things!


Posted by Chad DeMeyers on 10/20/2013

Kevin actually made a news post.  That’s 22 for me and 1 for him but who’s counting.


Posted by Kevin Huffman on 10/20/2013

Here is an update on all of our products...

- Motherboard – pre-production testing

- Freescale Processor Board – pre-production testing

- Atmel ARM Processor Board – out for pre-production fabrication

- Microchip PIC Processor Board – design

- Accelerometer –pre-production testing

- Breakout – ready for release

- Digital Port Expander – pre-production testing

- EEPROM = pre-production testing

- Hbridge – pre-production testing

- Relay – pre-production testing

- Temp / Relative Humidity – pre-production testing

- RS232 – pre-production testing

- Real time date clock – pre-production testing

- SPI to SCI – pre-production testing

- Terminal Board – Rev B out for fabrication

- Remote mount kit – ready for release

- Protocol Analyzer Adapter – ready for release

- Combo switch and LED board – design

- Thermocouple interface – Design – AD8497 - design

- CAN Bus Driver - design

- Arduino Shield Adapter - design

- Distance Sensor (Sharp 28995) -design

- 3 ½ digit display (TC7107CKW) - design

- Buzzer - design


Posted by Chad DeMeyers on 10/20/2013

We created our KickStarter account today.  Over the next few weeks we will be building and tweaking our project.  Wesley shot the video a few days ago… I do not think he knows what he signed up for.


Posted by Chad DeMeyers on 10/15/2013

Kevin and I met with Wesley today to review the website, version 1.2.


Posted by Chad DeMeyers on 10/6/2013

Shot more video today with Bob and Gabe of E3 Evolution.  Their segments highlight the benefits of PIEP for education.


Posted by Chad DeMeyers on 10/1/2013

We shot our KickStarter video this past weekend.  Special thanks go out to the following:

- Wesley Sharp, for shooting the video

- A WJBF videographer named Trey, for letting us use his high-end camera.

- Chris Williamson, for appearing in our video and bringing his toys to the shoot (

- Charles Gantt, for appearing in the video and giving us some great ideas and feedback (


Posted by Chad DeMeyers on 9/24/2013

Kevin and I met with our attorney to discuss Trademarks and Copyrights.


Posted by Chad DeMeyers on 9/17/2013

I wrote our mission statement today - E3 Embedded Systems offers creative products for creative people.  Our embedded controller platform can rapidly help people learn, design, prototype and build embedded solutions.  E3's mission is to continually grow a processor independent product base that is the most flexible and comprehensive available.  We strive to make our platform one that exceeds customers’ expectations and allows them to save time and money.  At E3, we are fully aware that our success depends on yours... it is a simple truth that guides our decisions.


Posted by Chad DeMeyers on 9/12/2013

We ordered polo's today stitched with the E3 logo.  We will use these for industry events and the KickStarter video.


Posted by Chad DeMeyers on 9/3/2013

Today I learned that patents are not inexpensive.


Posted by Chad DeMeyers on 8/28/2013

Today we made the decision to start a KickStarter campaign (  Kevin and I are both very excited about it.  Wesley Sharp agreed to shoot and edit the video (


Posted by Chad DeMeyers on 8/20/2013

We FINALLY got the operating agreement and commercial accounts in place this week.  That turned out to be a long, drawn-out process.


Posted by Chad DeMeyers on 8/15/2013

Set up a meeting with the University of Georgia Small Business Development Network.  Hoping they can tell us some things we forgot to do.


Posted by Chad DeMeyers on 8/6/2013

We met with E3 Evolution about our products.  They were very excited... which made me very excited.


Posted by Chad DeMeyers on 8/1/2013

The patent search results are back and they were very favorable.


Posted by Chad DeMeyers on 7/25/2013

Wesley ( helped us with our first Brochure.  It's not much... but it's a start.  We will create a second brochure once we have more products.


Posted by Chad DeMeyers on 7/15/2013

Kevin wants to submit our designs for the R&D 100 awards (  Hopefully we can make the deadline.  If not, we may apply in 2014.


Posted by Chad DeMeyers on 7/15/2013

Was introduced to the work of Wesley Sharp today (  We hope to use him for our website.


Posted by Chad DeMeyers on 7/10/2013

Kevin began working on the ARM board... he can't wait to test it.


Posted by Chad DeMeyers on 7/1/2013

Kevin and I started the patent search today with a firm out of Memphis.


Posted by Chad DeMeyers on 6/28/2013

Ever wondered what you need to open a commercial checking account?  Today I learned the hard way.  You need a Federal Tax ID, an operating agreement and proof of State registration.  You also need photo IDs and signatures of everyone will be allowed to sign company checks.


Posted by Chad DeMeyers on 6/20/2013

I got our business license today.  The women down at the department of planning and zoning were great.  They really were... I was expecting that process to be difficult.  I also registered online for our Federal Tax ID.


Posted by Chad DeMeyers on 6/12/2013

Today I realized that it is not easy explaining our products to people outside of the industry.  I need to come up with a better elevator pitch.  We also need a mission statement.


Posted by Chad DeMeyers on 6/8/2013

E3 in its infancy... secured infrastructure for website and email today.  I am hoping to move forward with business licenses, tax IDs, bank accounts, and the operating agreement next week.


Posted by Chad DeMeyers on 6/1/2013

We decided to go after 3 primary target markets: enthusiasts/hobbyists, engineering/custom solutions, and education (hence the name E3).


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