E3 Embedded Systems, LLC is based in Augusta, Georgia.  Our patent pending Processor Independent Embedded Platform (PIEP) allows embedded solution developers to prototype and test their designs quickly and easily.  We currently offer the PIEP with three supporting processors (PIC, ARM, Freescale) and approximately 20 peripherals.  We plan to continually grow our product offerings by bringing new motherboards, processors and peripherals to market.


E3 Embedded Systems offers creative products for creative people.  Our embedded controller platform can rapidly help people learn, design, prototype and build embedded solutions.  E3's mission is to continually grow a processor independent product base that is the most flexible and comprehensive available.  We strive to make our platform one that exceeds customers’ expectations and allows them to save time and money.  At E3, we are fully aware that our success depends on yours – it is a simple truth that guides our decisions.

Chad DeMeyers

Partner &  Chief Operating Officer

Chad's first career was spent in the IT Consulting industry.  From 1996 - 2006 Chad worked for two Atlanta based professional services firms.  Over the years he has been involved with organizations both large and small and in the private sector and in the public sector.  In 2007 Chad started his own firm and he has been self-employed ever since.  Chad is excited to bring his talents to E3 and begin his second career.


BA, University of Georgia

MBA, Georgia State University  (IT Concentration)


Kevin Huffman

Partner &  Chief Technology Officer

Kevin has been designing, building and testing custom embedded solutions for over 20 years.  Kevin designed the E3 Embedded System to help solve the problems he has encountered first hand... the need for a rugged, scalable, flexible platform that adapts to changing processor trends and needs. A platform that enables quick-turn, cost effective custom embedded solutions.


BSEE, Memphis State University

MSEE , Georgia Institute of Technology (Computer Architecture and Design Concentration)


Chad DeMeyers - cdemeyers@e3embedded.com

Kevin Huffman - khuffman@e3embedded.com


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